Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off the Needles!

I love when I can honestly say I finished a project. No ends to weave in, no lingering adjustments. It's done and I've already worn it. Out.Of.The.House. In Public. For everyone to see! This was a quick knit. Fun, too. I downloaded the pattern for Creature Comforts Cardigan as soon as I knew it was available. I had been waiting for Amy of Madelinetosh to release this pattern after I saw a preview on Ravelry. Luckily, I had the Madelinetosh Vintage in my stash, because I had just purchased some at Stitches West. So glad I decided to buy it, because I was able to cast on immediately. Here's it is. Creature Comforts Cardigan in Celadon Vintage by Madelinetosh. Lovely yarn and lovely pattern.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creature Comforts

Since the time leading up to Stitches West and the time since, I have been overwhelmed with possibilities. So much yarn and patterns and so little time. Why is that always the case? Are there people out there that are so enamored with their current project that they don't even think of straying? If so, hats off to them! I am constantly being tested and tempted.

So, prior to Stitches West, I had such grand plans. I ordered the yarn for Sabbatical and had every intention of knitting that one up right away. In the meantime, I agreed to knit a sample of Citron for Lisa at Wabi Sabi Yarns. That project took up a lot of my knitting time, since it had to be done on a deadline. It was really fun and a great success, but it did lead me off my Sabbatical track. Seeing all that fabulous yarn and project possibilities at Stitches West muddled up my brain and now, I am all over the place. Let's recap what I have started since returning:

Drops 103 Cardigan with The Fibre Co.'s Terra in Walnut (purchased at Stitches West)

Manu with Madelinetosh Pashmina in Stovepipe (another Stitches West purchase)

This last pattern is what did me in. Amy, the owner of Madelinetosh and designer of Creature Comforts Cardi, had been posting teaser photos of this beautiful pattern over the past couple of weeks. Of course, I kept checking to see when it would be available. Lo and behold, I saw this posting on Ravelry and, like a bee to honey, I was hooked. Who can blame me? Look at this! It's perfect. I casted on March 12, 2010 and have been working on this exclusively ever since.
I would love to finish this and maybe wear it for Easter/Passover. The color is a pale, soft green with hints of grey. Kind of a color that is half way in Winter, half way in Spring. Perfect for the season.

Poor, abandoned Manu:
My new love: Creature Comforts Cardi

Monday, March 1, 2010

Stitches Overload or..........

How I went to Stitches West, bought a ton of yarn and now will be eating ramen for a month!
Not really, but close. Whew! That was one, crazy, yarn-filled weekend. Lots of fun, but who would have ever thought that being surrounded by yarn, taking knitting classes and attending fashion shows would render you totally useless on this Monday morning? All that fun can be exhausting. I can't believe I have to go to work this morning. I am going to try to be productive, but I think I will be dreaming of all the beautiful yarn I was surrounded by this weekend. I will update later with more info on the fabulous weekend. It was a blast and I am really glad I decided to go this year. For now, here are a couple of teaser pics of some yarn I picked up. Definitely much more to come.....