Thursday, May 26, 2011

Early Fall and what I want to knit......

Bad blogger. I know I told myself I would not be one of those bloggers that let their site go without a post in ages, but I lied. I did not intend to, but it just happened. I really am going to try to keep this up. If not for the random person that may be interested, just to get these 5,284,767,902 thoughts down and not just jumbled in my head. So, let's make this one a quickie.

I had to share some upcoming patterns that I am dying to get onto my needles. Unfortunately, the patterns are not yet available. Trust me. As soon as they are, I will be casting on for at least a couple of these beauties. Norah Gaughan never fails to wow me with her designs, but the sneak peek that was offered up on the Berroco Blog recently just blew me away. You're going to have to scroll down to the April 11, 2011 posting, but it's well worth it. Check out these pics and I dare you to not find one you love.

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  1. um...WHERE did you find these and how come you are hiding them from me (ROFLAM)